Welcome to Photo Call Events! Print!, an easy-to-use software for your Photo Call events.

Our software is designed by and for event photographers: weddings, meetings, parties, ... any event in which you are going to install a PhotoCall.

From the main application you can easily import photos from up to 3 different sources at the same time (whether they are memory cards, a network drive, or Wi-Fi access to the cameras). These 3 sources could be 3 photographers spread around the event ...

And if you enable online printing, event guests will be able to send photos to the application from their mobile applications, from a simple web application, using a link or QR code.

Using our software you can see/download uploaded photos and intuitively choose the photo to print, the quantity, adjust the brightness if necessary ... Choose up to 4 printers / copy size to print several sizes at the same time. And quickly choose if you want them with a logo overlay or commemorative image of the event.

You can also display a photo on a second (or third!) Monitor, if you want your customers to view the photos externally.

Keep track of how many photos have been printed in total, and how many copies of each.

If your printers are not listed among those that Photo Call Events! Prints! supports, please contact us and we will try to support you.

This program is compatible with Windows.. We are working to make it compatible with MacOS and Linux as well.

You can contact us by email at email , phone (+34-958-700407) or whatsapp (+34-678-912640)



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