We will explain how Photo Call Events works, starting with the program settings (accessed by clicking on the "SETTINGS" button in the main window).


  We are going to explain the "max prints" setting, which will improve speed while printing.

    Normally you must select a printing folder (hot folder) that will be the one that the program will use to print the photos. This folder can have any name, for example "10x15"

    You may have your printer configured with multiple hot folders, to print varying amounts of photos. For example, "10x15 x1", "10x15 x2", "10x15 x3" and so on.

    If this is the case, in "max prints" you should put the highest value among your hot folders (in the example, it would be 3).

    Note that the number must come at the end of the folder name (for example, "9x13 x1" or "15x20-1" are valid, but not "13x18 2x").

    In the "Hot Folder" button you must select the "1 copy" folder (in our example, "10x15 x1").

    The explanation is simple. If you have defined a folder with, for example, 6 copies, and you need to print 6 copies, the printer will know that it has to print 6 copies of the same photo, not needing to create the print image more than once internally, and printing, if you use 15x20 paper for 10x15 photos, two copies per sheet. Otherwise, the printer will print 6 "different" photos, even though it is actually the same image.

    In short: create on your printer, for each size you use, as many folders as you want, each one with a different number of copies and named accordingly. For example "10x15 x1", "10x15 x2", ... "10x15 x6". As hot folder choose the first folder, the one with only 1 copy, and in "max print" choose the number of the highest folder.