An additional option is ONLINE operation. If you have this option activated, your clients can send photos to the event, which you can see in our Photo Call Events program! Print !, and print them.

The ONLINE option has an additional license cost, and does not have an annual fee like multi-print or multi-input, but it does have a fee per event. You can see more details in the license section of our website.

Guests / clients can enter the website and from there use the event code (you can use the one we have enabled for tests, "demo") or use a QR code that we provide when hiring the event. You can view a business card suggestion for the event.

The event page is simple, to avoid confusing the guests. You can see it in this image or by entering HERE. It is fully functional (from mobile or computer), and if you want you can upload photos that will then appear in your Photo Call Events! Prints! program. The code for the testing event is "demo". You have to send us the photo shown to customize the event to your needs.

By pressing the button, and if nothing strange happens, it uploads to our servers. The client gets a code of 6 digits, which is the same that will appear in the thumbnails of the 4th tab, ONLINE, after clicking "import", and you can print them like any other photo you take at the event.